The Internet acts like a giant brain formed of clouds of intelligence in some sort of earthic order. It provides access to the available collective knowledge of the world. Search engines work like a vast system of nerves–providing pathways for sensing and response. It is awe-inspiring.

Knowledge is shared in multiple languages and ways. YouTube, Khanacademy, Moocs, slideshares, wikipedia have caught the imagination of the world’s teachers and students. Information can be provided 24/7. There is so much and it is so fluid. How can one organize it and yet provide for the costs of that organization?

In a gigantic capitalistic venture that both manipulates and feeds the venture there are advertisements and pay-for premium components. Nothing is totally free.

Proposed is an encyclopedia of information using EduGlogster. Already, Wikipedia provides a place of connection built by the world’s peoples. Glogster, will of course profit from this but to me it is a logical course for the presentation and selection of information.

Questions remain as to use of platform. The Next Gen format works in multiple areas and yet remains off limits to my own school due to security issues. Perhaps this is only a dream.

Views through EduGlogster’s “Glogpedia” shows multiple amazing useful glogs but they are still difficult to find. There needs to be a better way.

My own glogs need to be tied into others and crossed with national and state standards. Check out most viewed glogs: http://tehescmarts.edu.glogster.com/glogs/sortedBy/views/.